Exclusive Motorola creates its first scrollable codename Felix

Although its advanced tasks and applied sciences division was lost to Google when Motorola was offered to Lenovo in 2014, the company has managed to stay out of the mobile industry with its third-generation flip phone, a codename for the Razr brand. Maven, is scheduled to debut later that year. And along with work on another flip phone, a Maven successor codenamed Juno, the company is in the early stages of developing an even more ambitious device: the so-called rollable phone, known internally as Felix. As a class, rollables are still in their infancy: OPPO has developed a feature phone concept it will call X 2021, and LG, before pulling out of the smartphone business altogether last year, came close to launching a phone with the simply LG brand. Rollable is known. But Felix differs significantly from these two attempts, in which a normal-sized smartphone in portrait orientation stretches out horizontally because the flexible screen unfolds more and thus becomes more tablet-like in landscape mode.

In Motorola's first attempt at rollable technology, the device expands vertically, with about a third of its screen when compact, wrapping around a shaft at the bottom and facing backwards. Then the motorized screen unfolds to make the overall phone taller instead of wider like the devices from OPPO and LG. Conceptually, it seems to follow the introduction of Motorola's foldable technology: while other companies have primarily used foldable screens to add a larger dimension to full-size phones, Motorola's Razr line has focused solely on making these phones of the world. same size are easier to carry in your pocket.