KNOCK code – LG takes KnockON to a new level with L Series III


In February this year at MWC in Barcelona, LG Electronics has said that it will take knockON to a new level with a one-step, easy-access power on and unlocking solution installed in its Smartphone.

With consumer research showing that smartphone owners unlock and check their devices more than 100 times a day, LG said inspired to take KnockON to a new level with a one-step, easy-access power on and unlocking solution.


The company said in a statement that starting with the G Pro 2, other key LG smartphone models introduced from 2014 will come with Knock Code™, an upgraded version of the highly acclaimed KnockON UX feature. “Since Knock Code™ wakes and unlocks the phone simultaneously; it provides more convenience and greater security over conventional password and pattern-based security options. And because Knock Code™ can be used anywhere on the display, it’s possibly to access one’s phone without even looking.

“In Knock Code™, the Smartphone display is divided into four invisible quadrants. The user taps or “knocks” anywhere from two to eight times in the quadrants in a specific sequence. With more than 80,000 possible combinations and no fingerprint streaks, Knock Code™ offers a greater level of security. Also, because Knock Code™ can be implemented anywhere on the screen in any size without having to view the screen, there’s no chance of password theft. Knock Code™ will also be offered as a firmware upgrade for some of LG’s previously released Smartphone models, including LG’s flagship G Series”, the statement said.

Now if you are eager to know how it actually works, here have a special hands on video for you to know you how easy it is to set up and how each to unlock your LG Smartphone with few easy, safe & secure taps on the blank screen.

LG made some bold and original design moves in 2013, moves which have paid off both in terms of brand perception and innovative recognition.


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