Is LG planning to launch the Golden edition of LG G3? Retail box image leaked


Today’s Mobile market is constantly changing and after the initial rush of Samsung Galaxy S5, India’s high-end consumer base is waiting for something new, something more fresh and truly innovative. For the last few days LG’s next un-announced flagship device is stealing the spotlight with one after another leaks. First there was a leak images of AnTuTu benchmark which confirmed the Quad-HD resolution of the upcoming flagship of LG and the very next day popular tipster @evleaks revealed couple of images of an unknown LG Smartphone – codenamed LGL24. Earlier today The Verge revealed an image showing the Golden Box of LG G3.

LG ASAI Smartphone blue

Though LG officials declined to comment on this, The Verge boldly claims that the image they opted from their source is the actual retails box of LG’s next flagship LG G3, which will have a Golden edition too. A large number of high end customers are disappointed after months of speculations that Samsung’s next flagship (Galaxy S5) will get a QHD (2560×1440) screen, which ultimately launched with a 1080p resolution. Currently Oppo & Vivo are the only companies which are having Smartphones with QHD displays, but they both are Chinese manufacturers and have very limited market penetration. This is where LG can take advantage.

LG G3 Retail Box

A recently leaked image of an LG isai FL — a new LG handset ostensibly headed for Japanese carrier KDDI — depicts a device with an especially thin bezel around the display. Labelled as the LGL24, this looks set to be the successor to the LGL22, which was a variant of the G2 modified for the Japanese market. Our sources confirm that the new phone in Japan will bear a familial resemblance to the new G3, suggesting that it too will benefit from the aggressively styled front. The date on the LGL24′s screen is May 1st, which could also give a hint to its intended announcement timing.


From the image, we can clearly say that this new device is made with the mixture of LG Google Nexus 5 and LG’s own LG G2. With ultra thin bezel and Nexus 5 like front look, this could be a killer device, if it ultimately turns out as LG G3.

Now we just have to wait till someone from some part of the world leak something new about one of the most anticipated flagships of 2014 – LG G3.

Do let us know whether  you are interested in LG G3 or not. Also share with us your thought about the possible screen size of the device. Would 5.5″ too large for a Flagship Smartphone?

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