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LG G3 Smart Notice

Last month LG launched their 2014 flagship device LG G3 – with a whooping 5.5 inch Quad HD display with latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. LG also unveiled a number of software features designed to make it easier to use smartphones. Among them is the LG G3 Smart Notice, designed to go beyond Google Now, by offering an additional degree of personalization.

Smart Notice will use parameters such as time of day, day of week, events, status of the phone and app usage to come up with the most relevant recommendations and reminders. LG gave a few basic examples of how it could work during the event but we’ve taken a closer look at what the Concierge Board app will offer. For example, knowing that rain was in the forecast, it would remind you to pack an umbrella. It would also remind you to return a call if you declined a call earlier and sent a text message that you would get back to the caller later.

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By digging into the system dump file, we have found the list of recommendations that Smart Notice will be able to make based on different events. Here is what we came up with:

New contact suggestions Suggest a card when there are frequent calls to or from a number not saved to Contacts
Callback reminders Suggest a card when no call is made after decline message is sent
Battery saver Suggest a card when the battery is low
Birthday notifications Provide notifications for birthdays saved in Calendar and Contacts
Smart Cleaning Suggest cleaning temporary files
Memo reminders Provide notifications about memos with time and location reminders
Smart Tips Provide tips on how to use phone
Life square Suggest past memories based on time and place
LG Health Provides exercise status updates
Traffic notifications Provide traffic info for commute
Weather alerts Suggest a card when there is weather alert
PayPal Provide notifications about shops nearby that accept payment or check in via PayPal
My places Suggest changes to settings automatically and recommend apps based on location data?

While some of these duplicate actions by Google Now, others are welcome additions. For example, Smart Cleaning should be useful to reclaim storage space used up by apps that you no longer use.

We came to know that LG is planning to launch this device with an aggressive price tag of INR 45,000 (approx), with QHD display, Latest processor, 3GB of RAM (if 2GB is not enough for you), 32GB internal with 128GB expandable option via MicroSD card the price tag is just awesome. We hope LG will do the justice with their marketing and PR team this time to make this Smartphone one of the best selling product here in India.

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