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We are thrilled to announce that along with EdenDroid.com we (LGMobileIndia.in) are presenting our first international giveaway! It’s non other than LG’s latest flagship – yes you have guessed it right! It’s LG G3.

Last month after series of leaks LG finally unveiled the beast in a press conference in London followed by events in NYC and San Francisco. As far as we came to know from our LG India source the Smartphone launch is due to July first week. But don’t be surprise if they pre-pone the launch to cut competition sales.

In a nutshell here is the specification of LG G3:

OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Chipset Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ with 2.46 GHz
Quad-Core Processor
RAM 2GB or 3GB
Display Size 5.5 inches
Display Resolution 2560×1440 538ppi
Camera 13 megapixel with OIS plus and laser autofocus, front facing 2.1MP
Internal Storage 16GB / 32 GB
Expandable Storage microSD up to 128GB
Connectivity HSPA/4G LTE
Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, A-GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0 LE + APT-x, NFC
USB 2.0
Dimensions 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9mm
Weight 149 grams
Battery 3,000mAh removable

Now here is a twist, as of now we don’t know whether LG India is going to launch both the models (16GB/2GB RAM & 32GB/3GB RAM) so now we can’t assure which variant we will actually give you, but which ever will hit the store shelves first, we will pick it up and send it to the winner!

Fill up the form below to participate in the giveaway!

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Here are few T&C:

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.

Hopefully by end of this month LG India will launch LG G3 here in India and we will have our winner! If they doesn’t we will announce the winner and hold the prize till we have LG G3 available here in India.

TIP: Try to be as creative as possible for the blog comment - How do you think LG G3 will make your life Simple? [You can write more than one, we will pick the best one though]

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33 Responses to LG G3 International Giveaway! Participate Now!

  1. Dipika joshi says:

    I go Crazy for Lg Mobile … Curently All Of my Family menber prefer only LG Mobile As it is the best one and Most Durable… Wish to be the luckyone to win … LG G3…

  2. Dipika joshi says:

    LG G3 Loved it ….

  3. Deepak says:

    With the LG G3, I can view content in 4K resolution on a big 5.5 inch screen which is by far the most compact 5.5 incher, so it could be used by one hand. Moreover, it is superfast, supersolid, slim, has a brilliant camera & last but definitely not the least, the “looks” are worth dying for.

  4. mayur says:

    Its the best phone ever made its simplicity is great to use it

  5. mayur says:

    Its great…

  6. shihab says:

    I am started my mobile experience with G2
    For this excellent build quality like back button and softwarwe features

    and I waiting for the big one G3
    Surprisingly I thrilled about the camera new ois+ and first mobile experience for the specific ‘FOCUS’ fuctionality. ..

    I thing the sound department are very interinng
    Most of the Android phones r facing the sound issue
    I thing my new LG G3 overcome thhis thing
    And I interested watch, what about the QHD
    And the new build quality
    I defectily belive G3 is changing my life HD to QHD with new experience. ..

    LG G3, Changing My Life

  7. ankit lunia says:

    Lg g3 will help me in daily life and gives me a very different experience. Lg G3 comes with 13 MP camera which can record 4k video. Perviously we saw that many smartphones comes with 4k video recording feature but one new thing on LG G3 is that it comes with 2k resolution display. So it enhance my experience while watching 4k video which I record through LG G3. Now I get the real 4k video experience and it’s because of LG G3. So its completely chance our video viewing experience

  8. Manjit Sarma says:

    The 4G technology along with highly powerful processor of LG G3 can makes my daily life super-fast!

  9. Manjit Sarma says:

    The KitKat OS of G3 makes my life simple by sweetening my every days task

  10. Roshni M says:

    This awesome LG G3 will make my life More Good and Simpler .I can Multitask and also Do my favourite thing, Clicking selfies and Other Photos ,Create and Store Memories and It l come very beautiful cz of 13MP Camera of great Quality.I can watch my favourite movies 16-32 GB expandable memory.The Phone will Increase my Style Quotient as its classy and Fabulous.It Will be useful to me To do my tasks onTime , And the best part is the brand I.e,sopromising and Quality Oriented.Wish to own this phone with all my Heart cz I am sure LG G3 will definitely make my life alot better and a lot simpler.Thanku

  11. Roshni M says:

    This awesome LG G3 will make my life More Good and Simpler .I can Multitask and also Do my favourite thing, Clicking selfies and Other Photos ,Create and Store Memories and It l come very beautiful cz of 13MP Camera of great Quality.I can watch my favourite movies 16-32 GB expandable memory.The Phone will Increase my Style Quotient as its classy and Fabulous.It Will be useful to me To do my tasks onTime , And the best part is the brand I.e,so promising and Quality Oriented.Wish to own this phone with all my Heart cz I am sure LG G3 will definitely make my life alot better and a lot simpler.Thanku

  12. Manish Kataria says:

    LG G3 seems more than a phone, its a complete package of happiness.
    View Happiness, capture Happiness, Share Happiness.

  13. Prem Kumar says:

    Android 4.42 Kitkat OS, Qualcomm snapdragon chipset with 2.36GHz Quad core processor, with 2GB or 3GB embedded ram and with it’s 5.5 inches display size, 13 MP camera, connectivity etc of LG-G3 makes my life easier as eating cheese

  14. The device which brought forward LG to its highest ever mobile sales- the G2 , has now come up with its successor LGG3 with a bunch of new, impressive and attractive features. It is far more advanced than LGG2.It has 5.5 inch display having 2560*1440 pixels. LG G3′s main camera stands at 13-meagpixels same as the LG 2. But this time LG has come up with some interesting additions to its 2014 flagship phone. As per its claims the G3 can grab focus in 276-millisecond. Not only does the Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) function reduce blur and shaking, the laser measures the distance to the object instantly, giving us perfect quality photos. It is awesome and i am looking forward to it. Smart Keyboard reduces input errors by up to 75 percent by tracking and analysing typing habits and intuitively “knowing” what word the user intended to type. The height of the keyboard can also be adjusted to better fit the user’s hands and position of the thumbs. Individual keys can also be customised with frequently used symbols for even faster input. The Smart Security Feature provides Knock Code that enables users to unlock their device with a pattern of taps. Merging security and convenience, users can create a personalised code that can be entered anywhere on the screen. With Content Lock one can keep personal files safe and hidden from view when sharing the G3 with others. Kill Switch gives G3 owners the ability to disable their phones remotely in the event of theft. Wow awesome!

  15. Anoop Uttarwar says:

    Love the awesome display (look)
    Monster battery
    RAM 2GB or 3GB
    KITKAT version
    Outstanding Cam 13MP
    Quad-Core Processor super fast
    SPecs are outstanding, loving it
    one word i.e speechless:-)

  16. Nebu Cherian says:

    Its there in LG logo…’Life’s Good’..This itself means that every product that lg makes is from their heart and that’s reflecting in their products…

  17. mihir purabia says:

    i am a huge lg fan
    all the gadgets are fab..!!
    and the nexus series is just speechless
    and now the Lg G3 is Best phone on Earth..!!

  18. Rocco says:

    The camera and screen would make my life easier while taking pictures. Not to mention the G2 had a higher audio rate than other Androids!

  19. FanofLG says:

    I think the three words – stylish,powerful and practicable are fully applicable to this marvelous phone LG G3….hence this device will make my life more simpler.

  20. Manjit Sarma says:

    The high amount of RAM in G3 can helps me in my daily official works!

  21. Manjit Sarma says:

    In d large HD screen I can watch movie,when my parents ocupie on our TV!

  22. Mahesh Kumar says:

    I do most of my reading on phone, this gorgeous display with no bezel will make my eyes strain less. Comfortable back buttons would be easy to scroll down during long study sessions. Curved back makes it easier to hold. It would certainly make my life easier.

  23. Sumith says:

    LG, as always is dedicated to follow its motto, Life’s Good. Apparently the same quality is distinctive in the new LG G3 android phone.
    Coming to question on how G3 would make my life simple, well I love to capture the beauty of nature whenever I get the chance. Although I have a dSLR but its not feasible to carry it with me wherever I go. Here comes in the fabulous camera of LG G3 to save the day. 13 megapixel camera along with the new OIS system is seriously epic. And who can forget the revolutionary laser focus technology that will enable us to focus on an object even in dark conditions, that is some serious technological advancement!
    The stellar QHD screen with a whooping 538ppi display will surely simplify my life because I can easily boast around my friends that I indeed have the best phone in the market

    Mere words can’t defy the impact that this device would have in my life
    It will make my simple in every technological sense because it is the most technologically advanced phone available till now!

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful contest

  24. jayvee_ballesteros says:

    If Im gonna be the very lucky winner of the LG G3,I’ll shout and say “Im the luckiest man in the world.I have seen LG G3 is a high-quality build phone.The size is perfect.The camera was so brilliant.The design was so sexy and gorgeous. Its the best phone for me.As a photographer and a media arts student,I always carry my DSLR.Its so heavy,so if I will get the LG G3,it would be perfect for me.Instead of editing the pictures on the computer,Ill prefer to use LG G3.The sound is great.It’s the perfect phone. All you want to find is here.Like it or not ,for me i think this is the best phone released in 2014. This is just an incredible job from LG. I wonder what else on earth will some one want from a smartphone. Kudos LG.If I will have this phone,it will make my life easy and up-to-date.It will make my photographies more stunning.

  25. Denis says:

    smartphone that combines power and simplicity,The simplicity, the idea that this tool can facilitate the life of every day

  26. Qivt says:

    Being simple is truly amazing..
    Doesn’t really help much in our life but because it’s LG.
    Love LG phones since the G so whatever LG makes is the best Phone out there..,,Especially the Quad HD Screen.
    Life’s Good when simple is the new smart.

  27. Arun Raghav says:

    LG G3 attracted me with highest pixel screen (538 pixels)than all flagship mobiles (last highest was HTC ONE 438)..also G3 carrying awsm camera quality..and built quality there’s a brushed metal frame running around the edge which separates the front from the back which will compete HTC M8..Im follower of HTC but i think LG G3 is making place in 2014 best phone battle. i guess this kinda built quality..specs..camera quality…not to forgot 3000 MAH juice..will make my life royal..if i get this mobile I will be ‘Lucky goldstar’ and whenever i will pick G3 i can say “Lifes Good”

  28. Travis Faulkner says:

    No kidding I have a seriously crooked finger. I mean I fool people all the time that its broken but I was just born that way. In most of life it does not bother me but reaching buttons on regular phones. I really thing the back buttons will make it much easier for my crooked finger to be useful.

  29. Manjit Sarma says:

    The Looks of G3 can helps me to impress people in my daily life!

  30. zenish says:

    I haven’t ever used a lg smartphone but I trust lg’s consumer products. I don’t have the bucks to buy the smartphone. If I get to win it my life will be simpler as I do lots of things on my smartphone. I use my smartphone to measure my fitness with fitness apps but my current smartphone is lagging the hell. Do pick me.

  31. Sany says:

    Have become a huge fan of LG after owning LG Nexus but this giveaway will help my upgrade.

  32. Daniel Eluvathingal says:

    I cant wait to see its stunning display.

  33. Nandita Sarda says:

    I travel a lot and carry a lot of gadgets…. But with LG G3′s massive screen size and awsome pixel density of 538ppi i don’t need to carry a tablet just for reading ebooks and watching movies. G3 also supports LTE A so it is again a plus point for internet at many places and also futureproof. It has a very good camera which will help me to capture some moments for which u dont have time for taking out ur camera. Lastly and most importantly becz of its razor sharp bezels its size is smaller than those humongous tablets an phablets which all the time keep peeking out of your pocket. So G3 is definetely going to make my trips much less hectache and even more simpler. Now I can say after having this life is surely gonna be goooood.


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