Best User Guide of LG G3 – Day -4 > Camera – Complete overview of the Camera Viewfinder and how to take Pictures


We are continuing our journey with our ongoing series ‘Best User Guide of LG G3 – 10 days, 10 features‘ to cover LG G3′s top 10 features and UI related walk through. Today we are giving you all the fourth instalment of the series.

Day -4 > Camera – Complete overview of the Camera Viewfinder and how to take Pictures.

Before we jump to our tutorial, let me introduce the camera of LG G3, much like LG G2, it has 13 Mega Pixel camera, but LG has made some good amount of improvements related to their much hyped OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) feature. With LG G3, you will get a 13MP OIS+ camera. But that’s not all with the LG G3 camera. LG introduced world’s first Laser Auto Focus feature for LG G3. The main function of the Laser Auto Focus is to focus and capture an image before of a blink of an eye.

Now have a look what LG store for us with their 13MP OIS+ camera:

To open the Camera application From the Home screen, tap the Apps Key > Camera.
Tap the Camera icon from the Home screen.

Getting to know the viewfinder:

1 Flash – Taps to turn the flash On, Off or set it to Auto.
2 Swap camera – Tap to swap between the rear camera lens and the front camera lens.
3 Mode – Mode to select the mode from: Auto, Magic focus, Panorama and Dual.
4 Settings – Tap to adjust the following camera and video settings.
5 Gallery – Tap to access your Gallery.
6 Video Recording button – Tap to start recording a video.
7 Capture button – Tap to take a photo

Extra features of the Camera:

Multi-point Auto Focus:

When you take a picture, the Multi-point Auto Focus (AF) function operates automatically and will allow you to see a clear image.


The Dual feature allows you to take a picture or record video with the front and rear cameras at the same time.

Gesture shot:

Take a picture with hand gesture. To take photo, raise your hand until front camera detects it and a box appears on the screen. Then make it a feast so that camera can sense that and capture the image automatically.

Super Zooming:

You can use a zoom up to 8 times while taking pictures.

Hope from this simple tutorial, you will get some idea of the LG G3′s camera. Watch out this space for more guides tomorrow. Like our Facebook Page or start Following us on @LGMobileIndia today to be the first to know all about when we publish the next guide.

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