Best User Guide of LG G3 – Day -3 > Complete usage of Quick Memo+


On July 1st, we have started ‘Best User Guide of LG G3 – 10 days, 10 features‘ series to cover LG G3′s top 10 features and UI related walk through. Today we are giving you all the third instalment of the series.

Day -3 > Complete usage of Quick Memo+

LG introduced the feature Quick Memo way back in 2012 with L Series models and included the same with their 2012 flagship LG Optimus G. Since the introduction LG evolves the feature and introduced Quick Memo Overlay in 2013 with their L Series II Smartphone and G Series Smartphones. So it’s natural that they will go one step forward with this year’s flagships. With LG G3, LG introduced Quick Memo+ feature. Let me elaborate the thing.

The QuickMemo+ allows you to create memos and capture screen shots. Capture screens, draw on them and share them with virtually anyone.

To Launch the Quick Memo+

(While screen is switched off) Press and hold the Volume Up key.
Touch and slide the status bar downward and tap the QuickMemo+ icon (see the image) from the Quick Menu toggle.

Select the desired menu option from Pen type, Colour, Eraser and create a memo.

Tap in the Edit menu to save the memo with the current screen. To exit QuickMemo+ at any time, tap the Back key.

Here are the options you will get from the Quick Memo+

The Redo/Undo button will help you to redo or undo any work on the Quick Memo+ screen.

From the option Select the pen type, you can pick your desired color,style of the pen.

eraser button help you to clean the surface of the Quick Memo+

You can read the Day 1- Complete LG G3 Home Screen overview

Hope from this simple tutorial, you will get some idea of the LG G3′s home screen. Watch out this space for more guides tomorrow. Like our Facebook Page or start Following us on @LGMobileIndia today to be the first to know all about when we publish the next guide.

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  1. jugal says:

    I love to use this cool feature,it’s like a reminder of my everyday’s work…now it become more advanced with G3,i would also love to add images in future, thanks for the awesome user guide of LG G3


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