Best User Guide of LG G3 – Day -5 > LG Smart Security (KNOCKcode, Content Lock, Kill Switch)


It’s Day Five and we are continuing our journey with our ongoing series ‘Best User Guide of LG G3 – 10 days, 10 features‘ to cover LG G3′s top 10 features and UI related walk through. Today we are giving you all the fifth instalment of the series.

Day -5 > LG Smart Security (including KNOCKcode, Content Lock, Kill Switch powered by McAfee)

Doesn’t matter is you are using a Rs 5000 Smartphone or a Rs 50,000, when it comes to privacy, we all are equal. We all love our device and store tons of personal data, images, videos and such stuffs, what is it gets stolen? We hardly can do anything. It’s a monetary loss as well as loss of privacy. LG recently released 4 awesome videos to make people understand how volatile your current security is. PIN, Pattern, Face Unlock and Fingerprint Scanner are old school stuffs now. With LG G2, LG introduced a new way to unlock your device, the KnockON feature, in 2014, LG advanced the same feature with KNOCK code which possibly the best way to lock your Smartphone.

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Along with LG G3, LG introduced yet another feature related to Smartphone security – Smart Security feature. With Smart Security you can use the traditional KNOCK code, if even that’s not enough for you, LG has Content Lock and the Grand Daddy of all security Kill Switch.

Now let me explain you each one:


We are starting with KNOCK code, which is by now available in many mid-range LG Smartphone such as LG L Series III devices – L70, L80, L90, recently launched LG F70 4G LTE, LG G pro 2. Also via OTA its now available with LG G2, LG G Flex. You can learn how to activate KNOCK code on your device from this detailed guide we have published recently.

Content Lock:

Content Lock is yet another feature LG introduced along with LG G3, with this awesome feature you can lock any specific folders from your LG G3, without the correct password it won’t open. The best part even someone sync your LG G3 with PC or Laptop they won’t be able to view any of the hidden contents.

Kill Switch:

As for the Kill Switch, LG said users will be able to disable their device remotely in the event of theft or loss; you can wipe it, lock and more, and there is even antivirus scanning software onboard. So if somehow you lost your device, and there is no chance to get it back, sit back and open your Laptop or PC to permanently disable it from use, so no one able to use it again. Also you can wipe the entire data from your device, so that no one can steal any private information from it, even if they somehow manage to open the device.

Recently LG announced the tie-up with Antivirus giant McAfee which makes it even more stronger security for LG G3.

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We hope LG will bring all these features to all their future devices so that not only high-end users, but budget Smartphone suers also secure their device and have the peace of mind.

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